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Puerto Rico Tourism: Heaven and Soul of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico Tourism attracts visitors as the Caribbean travel destination has everything that one would want to see. The island is a mixture of palm-lined beaches and beautiful colonial architecture. Puerto Rico is part of the unincorporated United States territory. It also has various landscapes, including mountains, waterfall, and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. The combination of mountains, white-sand beaches, and an unbelievable tropical rainforest attracts tourists.

Puerto Rico is a complete package for a vacation. Puerto Rico tourism maintains the charm and hospitality of the days gone by. The warmth of the people on the island can be equated to the sunshine that graces its shores. The Caribbean island has so much to offer and is perfect for a family vacation spot. It is known for its modern progressive and civilized nature.

Puerto Rico Tourism

The island offers a Spanish Caribbean culture along with an apparent American twist. Tourists can witness this in San Juan as it has an American chain of restaurants and other comforts found in the Mainland USA. The streets of Old San Juan are a treat to the eyes. The imposing forts and the colonial architecture make tourists step back into another era. The entire area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Puerto Rico tourism’s most famous natural attraction is the El Yunque National Forest. The walking trails through the rain forest are another attraction that allows hikers to look at some of the 240 species of trees and hundreds of plant species. The abundance of smaller wildlife is also an attraction among the tourists. The Culebra Island is known for its Coral Reefs. These Reefs are known to be the best in the entire Caribbean. As Puerto Rico is known as the Heart and Soul of the Caribbean, the tourism industry has maintained the name very well.

Is Puerto Rico open for tourism?

After being hit Covid-19, the island was hit by severe Earthquakes in January. The island has not had time to recover fully. Tourism has struggled since Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017. Now, tourism is open in Puerto Rico with limitations. Local measures developed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the U.S. Travel Association are being enforced on the island.

Travelers traveling to Puerto Rico are needed to have a negative Covid-19 report which is not older than 72 hours. The travelers will also require to fill a Travel Declaration Form through the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal. In case you don’t have a test result in time for your travel, you can still enter the island, but you will need to quarantine for 14 days or until you provide proof of being Covid-19 negative. A rapid test report is unacceptable.

Has tourism returned to Puerto Rico?

With restrictions like social distancing and face coverings are mandatory in public places, tourism has returned to the island. Also, an island-wide curfew is in place from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM, except for emergencies. Even though tourism is returning to the island, the return is a slow pace. Public alcohol consumption is also prohibited.