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Japan Tourism: Closed for Now but will be back in Action Soon

All Eyes on Japan! Japan Tourism includes a variety of things like nature, heritage sites, beautiful buildings, coastal lines, and so on. Japan has become a popular tourist attraction for a few years. It attracted almost 31 million international tourists in 2018. The country is known for its rich heritage. It also has 21 World Heritage Sites. Nara, Himeji Castle, and the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto are part of these Heritage sites.

What is the Tourism in Japan?

Hiroshima, Tokyo, and Mount Fuji are some of the famous tourist spots. Japan attracts tourists from all over the world. The most admired is the Sakura Trail. Tourists find it the most exciting part of the Japan Tourism industry. There are numerous cherry trees and cherry blossoms signify the beginning of Spring. To witness the bird’s eye view of the 30,000 trees, people take a ropeway all the way up to Mt. Yoshino. Japan Tourism’s biggest admirer is the flock of cherry trees.

Kyoto Draws the attention of visitors to its famous shrines and temples. The traditional streets around Gion and Higashiyama are filled with international tourists. The other side of Kyoto is also an attraction which shows the side of the Sea of Japan. Tourists come here to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and authentic Japanese experiences. Coastal Kyoto has the UNESCO designated Global Geopark. It is a group of fishing villages and unspoiled towns.

Apart from these, there are several other tourist attractions created in Japan. The Japan Tourism Industry has been working towards maintaining the heritage and beauty of these tourist attractions. The tourism industry has worked to create a welcoming country for its international tourists. All the attractions show sheer love in welcoming tourists.

Is Japan Open for Tourism?

Now, this is a question that everybody wants an answer to. The pandemic has evolved and transformed over the past year. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it has changed our lives to something we never imagined. We are into the second year of the pandemic. The restrictions over certain things still remain. However, the restrains vary from country to country.

Japan has not yet opened its borders for international travel, be it business or leisure. The country has tightened restrictions due to the emergence of the new Covid-19 variants. As of 15th March 2021, all foreign tourists are barred from entering Japan. Although the mortality rates have been decreasing since the last few weeks, Japan does not want to take risks. The Tokyo Olympic Games are on, but no international tourists will be allowed into the country.

How Much Money Does Japan Make From Tourism?

Domestic Tourism is a vital part of the Japanese Economy and Culture. The country has an extensive rail network along with several domestic flights. Intra-Japan travel allows efficient and speedy transport. However, international tourism plays a smaller role in the economy. In 2013, international tourists received 0.3% of Japan’s GDP. In 2007, Japan was ranked 28th in the world for inbound tourism, when it had the 2nd largest GDP in the world.

South Koreans have been the largest inbound travelers. Travelers from China have been the highest spenders in Japan. An estimated spending of 196.4 billion yen in 2011 was seen. Almost a quarter of the total foreign visitors.