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Ways How Carbon Coin can Save the Planet

Everyone is familiar with the concept of carbon taxes so in order to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere the government offers incentives to change behavior. Many new projects tackle the climatic change that is due to the increase in the amount of carbon.

This idea is totally from a science fiction novel. This can be implemented after real research.

The Ministry for the Future serves as a blueprint for how we can throw climate change into reverse and actually reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere over the next three decades. If we follow it, this blueprint could make your Earth no warmer than ours. It could be almost as uninhabitable as Aurora, the abandoned planet in his cautionary interstellar tale. Ministry is also Stan’s last work of fiction for the foreseeable future

The inspiration for the cabin coins is from the work of Delton Chen. He is a civil engineer and founder of the Global carbon Reward initiative said that the global carbon reward is a kind of digital currency that is based on the control of carbon emission. This currency focuses on areas like the energy sector, business, and carbon dioxide removal. Depending on the calculation each employee is allotted the coins.

The key point is that the world’s central banks agree to back it, buying Carbon Coins on a schedule that slowly raises their price. The planet-saving coin thus becomes the safest investment in history, even more so than U.S. Treasury bonds. Our entire economic system becomes as motivated to fight climate change as it is currently motivated to ignore it.