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Twitter, Google, Facebook Likely to Testify at Congress

The chief executive officers of Facebook, Google, and Twitter will testify before the United States House of Panel on March 25. This hearing is about the misinformation and disinformation on online platforms. The hearing will be conducted by the communication and technology subcommittee and the consumer protection and Commerce subcommittee.

The Committee chairs said that these platforms allowed false information dissemination about the COVID-19 vaccine and election frauds. They also added that the industry’s self-regulation has failed. It’s the company’s responsibility to monitor the news spread on their platform.

Zuckerberg and Dorsey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they defended their moderation policy just prior to the Presidential elections conducted in November. There are speculations that tech companies such as Google and Inc. are manipulating power to tackle digital platforms’ competition. The House antitrust panel is likely to commence next week.

These tech CEOs have testified in various hearings, especially a hearing on section 240, which protects the company from legal liability of content posted on their platforms. These platforms have been facing intense scrutiny over their misinformation, disinformation, hatred, and other policies.

The CEOs did say that companies should be more transparent about the kinds of posts they remove to stop the users from posting that kind of content. Zuckerberg suggested that tech companies should meet specific standards for removing content as part of any regulatory changes. Zuckerberg and Pichai had also visited in July last year at Cicilline’s panel, followed by Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook and Jeff Bezoz of Amazon to testify.