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Jersey To Begin Intake for On-Island Mental Health Nursing Degree

It is good news for people in Jersey as they need not leave the island to complete their studies for mental health nurses’ specialization. The intake for a new three-year Bachelors’s degree program shall begin in September awarded by the University of Chester.

Claiming that this was “Long anticipated” to scrutinize the “home-grown talent” of Jersey, Chief Nurse Rose Naylor expressed her thoughts on this news. The Government of Jersey said that the program should prepare candidates for taking care of people “of all ages, with a variety of mental health and social care needs, both in their home, the community and hospital.”

The course is formed to end half of their time studying theory and dedicate the other half working day, night, weekday, and weekend shifts in clinical practice. The good news for someone interested in pursuing this branch is that the government has made the course free. No one needs to pay the fees, but they will get the stipend during their training.

One condition for someone applying for this degree is that they should live with a valid license on the island or have lived in Jersey for at least five years. Those who are interested in the program are asked to register on the government website. The initiation of such a program brings relief for the mental health workers already on the island. In the future, this will strengthen and solve the problem of students going off the island for such specialization.