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Tesla Next Big Manufacturing Hub in Asia, China Most Likely Not the Chosen Locale

In a recent significant breakthrough in automotive industry, despite the ongoing pandemic crisis that has affected industries, including automotive businesses, there still happens to be some silver lining in the horizon with several giant automakers suggesting some fresh and aggressive investments, encompassing both portfolio diversification, besides geographical expansion to continue with industry dominance strides.
Inching on similar lines, Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla has made some vital revelations concerning his upcoming business expansion plans about Tesla.
According to latest developments, the company is geared up to establish a second car manufacturing facility in Asia.
If social media updates are to be believed, the company is hopeful to inaugurate the next line of its facility in Asia.
However, unlike its previous facility, this new facility is expected to be based out of China.
The upcoming facility is expected to remain a hub for manufacturing next gen electric vehicles thus disrupting the autonomous vehicle space in diverse ways.
Despite the lingering lockdown and stringency in physical distancing protocols, Tesla, one of the flag bearers of top-notch technology continues to amaze with its sprawling e-retail and virtual platforms, encompassing sale and distribution even amidst pandemic alert.
The first of Tesla’s giga factory was launched in China and it produces electric motors as well as batteries catering to multifarious end-use demands.
Tesla is also touted to begin manufacturing of its cybertrucks as updated in Tesla website. The tentative design reveals that the cybertruck will be a magnifiscient storage depicting a vault with extremely robust capabilities that can enable bulk mobility and would be made up of stainless steel finish.
The company has begun reservations for this upcoming automotive genius and the recent pricing brackets remain between $39,99-$69,900.
The latest revelations also suggest that with an additional payment of $8,000 the cyber trucks can also integrate self-driving feature.
The manufacturing of the same is expected to commence in the second half of 2022.