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Riiid Expands Business with Novel AI-based Education App Launch in America

Post its recent success in Artificial Intelligence, Korea based company Riiid is trending once again as a effective solution provider, disrupting technology-based education.
Advances such as domain applications, pedagogical methodologies, IT expertise and e-learning solutions encompass the versatile suite offered by Riiid which is listed as a fast-growing education based start-up venture, specializing in AI powered solutions.
The company was also trending owing to the successful inclusion of its dedicated paper featuring the importance of AI based education and its efficacy in mobile learning. The paper was also recognized by CSEDU, powering education technology.
The company has also secured a massive funding worth $18 million in series C funding, led by significant investors such as DSC Investments, IMM Investment, Premiere Partners and the like.
The company also affirmed that the funding it received will all be directed towards R&D developments for improved AI capabilities, aligning with novel advances in the field.
Aimed at disrupting conventional education landscape with novel AI capabilities, Riiid is en route to become a major disruptor in education industry, facilitating AI integration.
The company is best known for its advances in designing tailor made product such as Santa TOEIC to further bolster AI integration in tutoring services.
The company is further exploring business expansion through regional diversification schemes, thus spotting new growth spots in America, as the country actively persuades AI capabilities to be integrated in conventional education delivery architecture, combating pandemic implications.
After considerable success in Asia, Riiid is hopeful to capture customer gaze across developed economies. Its launch of Santa specifically customized for TOEIC test across Japan and Korea has witnessed magnificent sales and has been thus identified as a top-notch edtech app on Android.
Its flagship AI technology leverages unparalleled advances in analyzing user behavior, make score predictions as well as evaluate and assess student content and data to design customized study routine and pattern, aligning with individual needs.