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Recruitment to Remain Unabashed, Some Crucial Innovations on the Horizon in Staffing Vertical

Well, contrary to the general notions that the pandemic has inflicted major challenges upon businesses and industries, affecting employment landscape at large, several researchers and analysts from leading research firms however opine that recruitment and staffing industries are anticipated to offset the prevailing challenges considerably.
If latest revelation about hiring and recruitment activities are to be believed, businesses are expected to pick momentum, offsetting the challenges posed by COVID-19, thus reinforcing economic development tangibly.
A recently published survey report submitted by Bullhorn based GRID (Global Recruitment Insights and Data) which recently conducted a COVID-19 specific impact survey concluded that of the total number of surveyed professionals just about two percent are of the opinion that the global economic dip will linger beyond 2021.
However, over 50% of the respondents vehemently opposed to this and suggested that the economy will show definite signs of reinforcement around the same time.
If the recruitment professionals are to be believed, most of them opine that even amidst the global pandemic that has cast a significant impact on global economy, recruitment and hiring remain unperturbed and are running well within expectations, registering a similar profit as the previous year around this time of the year.
To be precise, the recruiters firmly believe that healthcare industry as well as IT third party hiring centers are likely to show no catastrophic losses with the pandemic being a dominant macroeconomic factor.
One more significant development in recruitment industry is that SMBs who operate with minimal workforce are likely to sustain their cent percent workforce to continue to uninterrupted business and functionality. However, larger organizations have depicted a contradiction in this regard.
Expert opinion from industry veterans such as Alegeus CEO, Steve Auerbach suggested that retaining favorable work culture is crucial to sustain employee strength through challenging times such as COVID-19 outrage.