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Real Estate Manager Schroders Strikes Novel Investment Spots in Asian Market with Fresh Acquisition of Pamfleet

Pamfleet, an Asia based real estate manager with offices spread across cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore has been recently acquired by Schroders affirmed reliable sources. The total transaction deal however remains undisclosed. The company is supposed to be re-branded as Schroders Pamfleet and the current team of 19 professionals specializing in investment are likely to continue with their current services.
Pamfleet currently holds a total of US$1.1 billion. Moving forward in the deal, this latest acquisition will aid Schroders amplify its assets both in private and real estate categories which is likely to be further reinforced with its yet another acquisition deal of Blue Asset Management, a big name in real estate management with pompous presence, renowned for high end hospitality construction spread across Algonquin and Munich.
In the words of Duncan Owen who heads the real estate global head of Schroders justly made a point that the current offerings of the company are in complete sync with its massive presence in the real estate realm of Asia, adding much value to its solutions, aligning with the region’s unique requirements, as well as optimistic outlook of construction as an industry. Future endeavors of the company in the region are expected to bolster further product diversification in the coming years concluded Owen.
With this acquisition in line, Schroders has an access to a fleet of nineteen Hong Kong based properties, some of them also available in China and Singapore. The strained trade relationship between China and the US is expected not to affect this ongoing transaction, as Hong Kong continues to be a major attraction for foreign investment in APAC.
Further, Schroders is hopeful to explore endless opportunities on the back of lucrative real estate opportunities lurking in Hong Kong which will be put to use with Pamfleet’s expert capabilities in asset management and acquisition.