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General Mills Adds New First Class Grade European Style Flour to Meet specific Bakery Needs

Amongst many other developments surfacing throughout lockdown and physical distancing era, triggered by COVID-19 outbreak, some of the notable alterations in food industry is the unparalleled spike in home-based baking activities.
With prolonged halt in the food business, leading to unavailability of several edible products, home baking space is gearing up for notable alterations, thus lending ample growth opportunities to consumer product manufacturers to revive lost businesses in the past months.
Discussing relevant developments in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, followed by indefinite lock-down, companies such as General Mills is re-evaluating its strategies to come up with diverse product development insights to sustain consumer efficacy.
According to reliable sources who chose to speak on grounds of anonymity, General Mills has reportedly affirmed a surge of 21% in the Q4 sales. The company believes, the growth is single-handedly attributed to sudden spurt in home-baking activities.
Following this, the company is further contemplating new product differentiation and launch of improved products in the category, aligning with consumer expectations and industry specific needs.
The company’s leading brands such as Pillsbury and Betty Crocker have reported favorable upsurge, posing around 70% rise in sales of flour and baking products such as pre-cake mix as well as conventional baking mixes. Following suit, sale of cereals have also witnessed an equivalent sale surge.
The company has recently launched a new product range under the brand, Di Prim ´Ordine Farina which is envisioned to appropriately meet the needs of bakeries and pizzaries with premium quality flour similar to Europe, thus offering supreme quality flour in accordance to consumer preferences and tendencies.
The flour is specialized and premium quality which is untreated and obtained from a special grade of wheat which is winter harvested. This flour category is highly recommended for baking, stretching, ideal to suit the needs of bakeries and pizza houses.
The product is also ideal to make high quality artisan bread. The development is a highly crucial advancement and is likely to place Generic Mills favorably on the growth chart amidst stressful business developments.