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Financial Ventures Deliberately Focusing on AI Integrated Services, Induce Novelty

The annual award was organized by entities such as Global Private Banker and the digital Banker, this award named as Global Private Banking Innovation Awards is in the second year and has already made its mark as the heralding entity to adjudge the extent of digital innovation.
DiAS aids relationship managers in financial institutions to offer time saving screening, besides also fishing new opportunities to maneuver digitized financial planning and execution as opposed to traditional, time intensive manual processes.
This elaborate innovation platform and recognition dias, follows a well-conceived and transparent numerical and quantitative platform with digital innovation being the most crucial judgement parameter to assess digital ecosystems, digital innovation, management, financial performance towards an enriching customer experience and the like.
At a recent event, Global Private Banking Innovation Awards, 2020. With this reward in place, the Swiss based financial company, Julius Baer wins the third one for its advanced digital advisory under the brand, DiAS in a span of just six months.
This recent award is further encouraging Julius Baer to continue its innovation spree, thus augmenting its advances in technological investments, thereby further propelling DiAS platform as an innovative FinTech assistant to offer high end solutions to activate customized investment plans for private clients and banks alike.
This year the panel comprised of judges EY Protiviti and Forrester who initiated an unbiased approach to find the most promising performer. The judge duo conducted a thorough audit to identify leading private banks, wealth management companies as well as family offices and private managers who were assessed and evaluated on various parameters such as service delivery, innovation, technological sophistication, product design and strategizing and the like.
The elaborate financial innovation suite, DiaS is a pioneering solution that renders technology driven financial discretion. It used machine learning solutions to deliver end-to-end financial plan, encompassing processes such as proposal delivery to actual trade practice.