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Novel Sensor Detection Device Released for Hygiene and Social Distancing Maintenance across Enterprises

The sudden and outrageous spread of the corona virus globally is proving to have more role to play than contemplated earlier. Industries are preparing for blueprints of their safety as well as restoration of businesses, many of whom have been shut for months together to abide by mandatory social distancing parameters to spread the spread and consequent fatality.
In this light, Banner Engineering has thus released an array of wireless sensor driven devices that are specifically designed to get real time data on surface cleanliness as well as headcount of workforce at a given time and place.
Delving deeper into the design sophistication of the recently released aids suggest that these technological wonders are highly complex and render an unfailing visual display of the safety assurance of the vicinity favoring employees, business patrons and retailers alike.
Speaking specifically of the device capabilities, occupancy monitoring, workstation cleanliness alerts and notifications as well as sanitization encompass the main functionalities of these recently released devices of Banner Engineering.
Speaking specifically of this recent launch, product development director of the senior order said that the current situation of the global pandemic and the undeniable need to resume safe business practices across enterprises have motivated this novel technological development which fits the current situation as well as is capable enough to meet novel challenges of similar kind of the future predicament as well, extending even before the current COVID-19 pandemic.
The device is apt for detecting headcount within a store, differentiating accurately between enter and exit footfalls based on sensor detection. This is highly desirable to control human traffic in a particular area to maintain adequate social distancing and also to sustain hygienic premises, yet another indispensable need to combat the invisible enemy.