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Massive Funding Aid for Singapore-based Autonomous Mobile Robot Developer, Botsync

Asia has been etching significant milestones in robotics for quite some time now and the region has also been steadily witnessing successful emergence of novel businesses such as small and medium houses coming up with major disruptions over the years, thereby keeping the stir agile in robotics space.
Recently, Singapore based start-up Botsync has been gaining substantial attention as a tangible disruptor in robotics space.
The company is best known for its flagship excellence in mobile robotic automation, catering to material handling activities. The company has been a key brainstorming agent for creating path-breaking innovations for improved productivity in manufacturing and logistics verticals.
Botsync designs and develops smart autonomous mobile robots specifically for enterprise operations to achieve operational efficiency with negligible alterations in current workflow structure. Botsync is committed to enable seamless, hassle-free transit into Industry 4.0 gamut.
Specializing in heavy-duty autonomous mobile robots, Botsync has recently affirmed its successful venture to secure seed funding under the collaborative efforts of notable industry veterans, Angelhub, Wong Fong Industries, SEEDS Capital, and Artesian Venture.
Though the exact amount obtained through the funding has been still kept in wraps, company sources on condition of anonymity revealed that the entire amount will be dedicated to leverage product advances and refurbishments, technology sophistication as well as to improve throughput.
In the words of CEO and Co-Founder, Nambiar, the entire amount will be dedicated to enable better commercialization prospects of the unique robots that Botsync develops to enable larger reach across Asia and beyond, simplifying tedious labor intensive work into effortless robotic output, coupled with ample operational efficiency, cost optimization as well as zero manual errors.
Botsync’s major clientele comprise of logistic and transport veterans, thus making material mobility quite agile with intelligent robot workforce, a key necessity with rising scope for e-commerce.