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Next Gen Eco-friendly Brick, K-Briq Offsets Carbon Emissions

One of the most vital prerequisites in construction and building industry is certainly brick which lays the very foundation of every pillar.
However, rising concerns about sustainable building practices have identified brick building as one of the potent contributors towards environmental degradation.
Hence, relevant market participants in building and construction realm are banking extensively towards novel alternatives to offset the challenges.
Speaking in this line, both market participants as well as academia are increasingly contributing towards building novel eco-friendly bricks that have no adverse implications on the environment.
Recently a group of renowned engineers from Heriot Watt University which is a Scottish institution has launched a new company under the brand name, Kenoteq that has successfully introduced a new eco-frinedly brick variant, christened, K-Briq.
The company has made a significant entrance into the eco-friendly brick domain and is hopeful to further accelerate its efforts in the same.
The company is also hopeful of roping in substantial funds in the coming months in order to leverage its far-reaching contribution towards sustainable brick development process.
Talking further on the bricks, Kenoteq spokesperson insisted that the bricks are highly favorable for use in the construction industry as it is made of construction-based waste materials, thus eliminating the need of kiln heating, thereby omitting carbon dioxide production at large.
The company mainly comprises of a team of engineers and professors who are committed to pursue developing eco-friendly brick variation with no carbon footprint.
Elaborating further on this company officials insisted that the regular brick building process does a lot of damage to natural resources and also consume a lot of heat while molding. This significantly leads to irreparable damage to the environment.
With this latest innovation in place, it is estimated that the concerns of environmental pollution will rightly be fixed. Additionally, unlike regular bricks these innovative bricks are available in a number of colors to further entice user attention.