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Novavax Inc. Nears Potential Drug Discovery for COVID-19, Initial Trials Confirm

Latest developments in medicine industry encompassing the legitimate activities that various biopharmaceutical companies are aggressively engaging in to find a befitting therapeutic solution for COVID-19 has spearheaded various drug making initiatives that are at various stages of drug development.
Recently, Novavax Inc a drug making company has also made startling revelations about its fresh endeavors in attaining breakthroughs in drug making activities concerning COVID-19 outbreak.
The company is a US based late stage biotechnology development company that is committed to ensure superlative global health aided by its extensive result-oriented vaccines to limit disease burden.
According to potentially reliable sources who gave in to some insider report on grounds of anonymity have unanimously affirmed that Novavax is underway to offer a highly promising therapeutic remedy to reverse the impact of COVID-19.
The drug candidate which has been subjected to rigorous clinical trials has of-late lent reasonably promising immune response. However, substantial doubts still linger about the safety of the drug though the efficacy is assured significantly.
The initial phase of the drug trial included a healthy group of over 130 participants within the age group 18-59 years in two different locales in Australia.
A total of 106 patients were given a single dose from a total of four of the probable vaccine, under the name, NVX-CoV2373 with the inclusion and exclusion of the adjuvant that is developed to improve and boost the immunity. The remaining participants were introduced a placebo treatment.
Officials from Novavax also ensured that the vaccines has been quite successful in producing desirable outcome amongst the participants posing no adverse reactions. The most prevalent after effects or side effects recorded include tenderness after the first injection dose, fatigue and headache being other effects. However, hospitalization or acute response leading to serious implications however remained absent.