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GSK Makes it Big in Oncology Therapeutics as it Nabs FDA Approval for its Propreitary Belantamab Mafodotin Drug

Amidst the tremendous efforts put in by various biopharmaceutical companies towards COVID-19 drug discovery, companies such as GSK has certainly managed to rope in some fast track developments in its favor as several insider reports affirmed by GSK officials conform the company’s recent FDA approval for one of its cancer trageted drug.
Introduced as belantamab mafodotin, also known as BLENREP, the drug has recently been approved by the US FDA owing to its tremendous efficacy in treating adults suffering from the conditions of myeloma which could be both relapsed or refractory that were previously non-reactive to immunomodulatory treatment.
In a significant statement made by GSK officials, this new drug named belantamab mafodotin will appropriately address the concerns of those specific patients who seem to show no visible response and reactions to any immunomodulatory agent.
According to vital research output and expert analysis, multiple myeloma is one of the most commonly occurring forms of cancer that results in fatality and records minimal successful treatment.
Referring to a previousincident, the US FDA has also raised visible alarm about the side effects of the new drug that has caused severe eye deposition amongst patients, on regular drug use.
The deposits were noticed on and aroud the eye cornea. However, in an examplarary move by the US FDA, the institution had voted in favor of the drug as the therapeutic efficacy of the aforementioned drug were far beyond the side effects caused by it.
The development favoring the approval of belantamab mafodotin of GSK fame is a noteworthy step in favor of the pharma giant GSK as it attains an edge over competition such as Genmab and J&J.
This development therefore is likely to pose a significant momentum to the cancer treatment vertical of GSK, outweighing the efforts of all its rivals playing big in the oncology vertical.