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Vienna Insurance’s Ray Sigorta Collaborates with CPP to Orchestrate High Efficiency Customer Data Protection Platform

Vienna Insurance Group offshoot, Ray which also happens to be a significant brand has recently created fresh buzz with its latest collaboration with CPP.
The recently formed collaboration is in place to position CPP’s Cyber Care with Vienna Insurance Group’s Cyberella that is aimed to offer high end protection against cyber risks.
Amidst staggering rise in identity theft and cyberthreats the collaboration between CPP and Ray Sigorta is a significant advancement towards cybersecurity protocols.
A similar deal was struck earlier this year when CPP Turkey teamed up with Axa Sigorta and Denzibank. Thus, these relevant developments in commercial collaborations under the program, Cyber Care has resulted in a spurt of over 200,000 users in the past six months.
Cyberella is a dedicated one stop solution and platform to aid Ray customers with round the clock online monitoring efficiency against all cyber activities such as unauthorized data sharing comprising card details, passport credentials, various identification documents and the like.
Advanced features such as customer information in the form of instant alerts and notifications to avert instances of identity theft are gaining relentless attention in recent times and the innovative technology has been a brainchild creation of CPP Group which has witnessed far flung deployment across UK other parts of Europe as well as Mexico.
In the words of Ray Insurance CEO, Koray Erdogan, safety of personal customer data is a top priority and therefore the need to have a sturdy and robust protective architecture remains highly crucial. Adding to this, CPP CEO, Selnur Guzel also said that it is highly vital for CPP to protect the personal data of its customers specially amidst testing times such as COVID-19 outbreak wherein online presence is gaining tremendous upswing.