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New Gourmet Mobile Food Delivery App Launched across Select Southeast Asian Cities

South Asian hospitality chain IHCL has made a significant announcement recently concerning the launch of a dedicated food delivery platform, Qmin enable customers experience an unhindered, soulful culinary experience.
The newly launched food delivery platform is so designed to allow customers choose from a range of restaurants right from the comfort and safety of their homes.
This is apparently going to be the first of the steps, however, the downside is the services initially will be available only in select cities and online food delivery options are currently limited to a few big names in the hotel and restaurant sector.
The current portfolio of restaurants integrated in Qmin platform for easy food ordering services amidst lockdown comprise the likes of Souk, Golden Dragon, Trattoria, Thai Pavilion, and Ming Yang amongst others.
Following to quick launch of food delivery mobile application Qmin, other significant add-ons likely to follow suit constitute Qmin Shop and Qmin loyalty platform, likely to be launched in Augusta and September respectively.
Speaking briefly at the launch, IHCL CEO pointed out the group’s desperate attempts in penetrating in to the F&B segment as the hospitality sector has witnessed deep tremors with the sudden unprecedented outrage of COVID-19.
Further adding he also suggested the decisive customer needs and demands for authentic gourmet food that many customers have been significantly missing post strict lockdown and sudden business restrictions imposed to fight COVID-19 spread.
He also spoke at length about the elaborate food delivery safety protocols that company will specifically invest to resonate customer demands and expectations for hassle-free delivery and superlative safety protocols.
Some of the most sought after developments that Qmin is advancing in comprise contactless delivery and the use of safety gear by delivery professionals to abort all chances of disease transmission. Additionally, delivery vehicles will also be regularly sanitized on a daily basis for utmost customer and employee safety.