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AntGroup Launches Novel Blockchain Platform, AntChain to Mitigate Customer Queries

A forward looking development in blockchain technology is Ant Group’s recent advances in financial services technology and mobile payment system, Alipay.
The recent development from the company is the launch of AntChain, a breakthrough advancement in blockchain solution that integrates various digital technologies and advances in AI, IoT and secure computation.
What has been gaining new milestones in technological diversification is Blockchain development which is gaining prominence both in business development as well as technological fortification.
Factors such as decentralization component of the technology and stringent regulatory format underscores its rapid advancement across verticals, which has leveraged significant advanced in business communication.
AntChain is a new blockchain based technological innovation leveraged by its parent company AntGroup that specifically bolsters financial technology developments and has also launched mobile based payment platform, Alipay.
The company’s blockchain development platform, AntChain enables advances in IoT and AI based progresses.
Speaking at the recent launch event of its novel next gen blockchain technology, Chairman, Ant Group, Eric Jing opined that the potential of blockchain technology is immense and is crucial in re-designing digital mettle that adequately meets real life customer queries accurately.
Ant Group has been making significant strides in blockchain development technologies in order to introduce transparent communication matrix across verticals, participants and stakeholders as well as customers.
Ant Group as of now has grown into being the largest and the most influential blockchain enabler across China that is designed to adequately meet the concerns of over a billion user accounts, also accurately monitoring over one billion financial transactions on a daily basis. The company already boasts of over a hundred million uploads regularly.
Proceeding further in blockchain innovations, Ant Group also specializes in a dedicated AntChain station which is a one stop solution to reduce blockchain based deployment duration by over 90%, thus integrating AntChain for client enterprise deployment in less than an hour, as opposed to traditionally used systems that needing ten hours for integration.