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Nissan Marks New Chapter in EV Space with The Virtual Launch of its Hybrid SUV, Ariya

A key development trending lately in the automotive industry is the recent launch of the company’s dedicated, proprietary, first of its kind EV offering, Ariya which is provided as a complete transformation of standard SUV.
With this development in place, Nissan endeavors to mark a brand-new beginning in its history of achievements, thus poised to improve and transform lives of users and buyers across the globe.
Known for its extravaganza in design technology, Nissan has truly lived up the cause of innovation in automotive industry and this recent addition is a significant and logical extension of its long legacy in electric vehicles.
The recent launch of EV SUV, Ariya was marked at a global online event held at Yokohama, identifying Nissan’s remarkable contribution towards transforming driving experience and expanding its horizon in the electric vehicle world when the automotive industry is striving to remain ahead in the curve of fuel efficiency to reverse environmental challenges.
This step ahead is a crucial development identifying Nissan as a significant player in the domain of electric vehicle space.
Speaking at an event, Makoto Uchida who is the current CEO at Nissan affirmed that Ariya is a complete solution to the pertinent driving and commute challenges of millennials. Targeting to resolve these issues and to expand design innovations, this Nissan Ariya SUV is a high end EV refining the gamut of hybrid vehicles. The development is a significant one in further governing mindful alterations in the growth curve of Nissan in EV space. Also, the development also speaks immensely about the various milestone achievements that Nissan has achieved so far, and is also continuing the legacy amidst challenging times such as COVID-19 pandemic that has practically baffled industries and economic growth altogether.