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DNV Collaborates with Taiwan-based R&D Entities to Pursue Novel Advances in Renewable Energy Development

Despite the ongoing pandemic crisis renewable energy developments and advances have recorded significant resilience to withstand any catastrophic impact at least in the last quarters of 2020 which have witnessed major economic setbacks.
Talking in terms of resilient performance in renewable energy, it now appears that offshore wind projects are likely to armor major traction in the coming years, thus significantly offsetting the challenges prevalent in other renewable energy sectors such as solar energy and biomass production.
Following are some of the recent developments emerging in the renewable energy sphere, underpinning massive progress across developed and emerging economies alike.
A recent development affirmed by reliable sources has identified the recent agreement by which Taiwan Offshore Wind Project supported by Taiwanese government has joined forces with DNV GL to further diversify and empower offshore wind localization.
DNV with partnerships with Metal Industries Research and Development Center as well as the Taiwan Electric Research Center has introduced the novel project to optimally meet energy demands and deficits across various social strata of the country.
As per the recent developments pertaining to the agreement, the Alliance is positioned to oversee a collaborative effort on the part of wind energy form developers as well as third party service providers to commence novel renewable energy projects in the country.
The third party certification formalities are likely to take shape in 2022 and would be limited to the projects of offshore wind production projects. It is envisioned that in the foreseeable future, the alliance will be equipped to build on versatile experience and meet all the parameters of certification aligning with BSMI. The string of developments is in complete sync with ongoing renewable energy development projects gaining pace all across Asian continent.