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KFC Collaborates with 3D Bioprinting Solutions to Mimic 3D Printed Chicken Products

Blamed long for providing eager customers with minimal innovations in chicken recipes sold at inflated prices, the chicken selling veteran, KFC is treading on the grounds of innovation with its recent collaboration with tech expert specializing in 3D printing.
The newest collaboration between KFC and bioprinting expert, Russia’s 3D Bioprinting Solutions is en route to changing meat consumption patterns for good.
KFC has successfully collaborated with Russia based 3D Bioprinting Solutions to pursue a unique lab-grown chicken production that will be used in its signature chicken nuggets.
The development is expected to replicate the signature taste of KFC chicken nuggets inclusive of its appearance, taking after the original taste and look of the product.
However, the latest addition will pose no environmental threats and concerns unlike the preceding meat-based offerings.
The fast-changing consumer preferences for more sustainable and eco-friendly consumption pattern is anticipated to strike this new business collaboration of KFC with 3D Bioprinting Solutions.
Novel business innovations such as partaking in eco-friendly production technologies is lately trending in the food business and KFC is adequately living up to the changing trends.
In the words of KFC GM Raisa Polyakova, KFC is taking ardent initiatives in closely assessing and evaluating all food-based technologies and innovations to meet food-based needs.
The latest innovation is in line with KFC’s ardent vision to introduce new food-based technologies in the fast food industry.
Advances in 3D bioprinting is one such advancement that is in line to replace animal-based food production and consumption trends, complying with environmental sustenance as well as fast transforming consumer preferences.
3D Bioprinting Solutions is best known for its high tech bioprinting solutions that is ideal for growing lab-grown meat by using only chicken cells, in tandem with plant sources to replicate an edible chicken based product.