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New Patent Protection Application by Kronos Advanced Technologies for Flagship Face Masks

Amidst the staggering uptick in corona virus cases and resulting fatality, stringent protocols incorporated by international bodies clearly emphasize large scale adoption of face masks to offset the challenges of the global pandemic crisis.
Best known for its superlative capabilities and functional sterilization features, Kronos Advanced Technologies has recently made an announcement to have filed for USPTO filing governing the provisional application for patent protection, capable of revolutionizing healthcare fraternity with the advent of advanced face masks to combat the aftermath of COVID-19 outrage that has claimed the global populace welfare at large.
These flagship improved face masks by Kronos Technologies is touted to be highly versatile with innovative features such as antibacterial properties in tandem with cellphone radiation protection.
This latest patent submission plea was submitted at Patent and Trademark Office in the US under the guidelines of Prioritized Examination Pilot Program concerning COVID-19, a dedicated organization monitoring the development and execution of solutions concerning pandemic management.
The newly directed body, USPTO is designed and instrumented to carry on COVID-19 based pilot programs mainly concerning SMBs as well as micro-level concerns based on which the body is poised to conduct thorough examinations to adjudge various patent applications.
Before applying for this definitive patent grant, an entity must have under its ambit atleast one product under FDA approvals to be used subsequently as an ideal treatment for COVID-19.
The recent design innovation by Kronos R&D team is a highly efficient face mask that is made from advanced metal integrated fabric that are renowned for their exceptional health benefits. Some of the commonly used metals in the fabric for these specialized face masks include copper and silver besides others, that are highly dependable for restricting airborne disease transmission besides also helping in advanced air filtration.