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Businesses Such as Dairy Industry to Witness Large Scale Growth and Advances amidst Lockdown

Amidst tremendous business setback inflicted by unprecedented global pandemic with the outbreak of COVID-19, this recent development is directed to encourage businesses to regain their losing stance as lockdown prevails globally. DBIA (Dairy Business Innovation Alliance) based in Madison is touted to offer financial support worth $222,000.
The Dairy Business Innovation Alliance (DBIA) from Madison has coined a partnership deal with Center for Dairy Research (CDR) of Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The partnership is aimed at helping all dairy based businesses spread across all areas comprising Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa.
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) spokesperson and executive director, John Umhoefer further added that the committee is eager to make such an investment of such a hefty investment to enable further sales and value addition of the dairy products across borders as well as domestic production and distribution to boost sales to pursue high end profitability for dairy producers and farmers, besides significantly favoring holistic production.
The assessment will be made by a specially devised review committee formed by DBIA. A thorough review of the applications is designed to be followed by remunerative aid and rewards for optimum business revival strategies.
The development is likely to allow dairy producers and processors develop new product range based on new production techniques and modern business strategies. Midwest dairy processors and producers heaved a sigh of relief as the Dairy Business Innovation Alliance based at Wis’ Madison announced new dates for brand new industry grants.
The development is also expected to help advancement in facility modernization, specialization, product development as well as improvement to support dairy product variation.
Additionally, brainstorming new revenue models for boosting sales and development of unique dairy ingredients from byproducts also remain crucial as part of this investment scheme. The financial aid will be offered after assessing the applications received over a period of time.