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Wealth Dynamic and Ortec Finance Join Forces to Improve Wealyth Management Business and CRM Activities

Best known for its extensively rich offerings in the realm of client lifecycle management, Wealth Dynamics has recently been making quite a buzz with its latest business collaboration with Ortec Finance, a high end provider of high tech solutions to pursue novel investment discretion.
Favoring the current pandemic situations, when businesses are trying innovations to offset the multi-dimensional challenges poised by the unprecedented onset of COVID-19, declared as a global pandemic, this new business collaboration is expected to ring the profit bells.
As per the terms of the agreement, OPAL platform which is a flagship, proprietary solution of Ortec Finance is likely to be incorporated with Wealth Dynamix’s client lifecycle management platform.
Ortec Finance’s flagship platform is goal oriented architecture to enable close monitoring. This mutual collaboration between the entities will be maneuvered to offer easy visibility to client portfolio such that a thorough comparison and analysis could be mediated from a singular point of control augmented from a common source of control.
The development of a transparent platform to facilitate real-time monitoring is crucial to improve the capabilities of relationship managers in their endeavor to offer customized investment plans for their esteemed clientele.
By gauging the long term and short term objectives of the clients relationship managers can align a suitable investment plan that would fetch high end business returns for their clients, resulting in an utterly satisfied customer base.
By virtue of this well-engineered platform that eventually aids in building an optimum investment platform, relationship managers can fruitfully convert and sustain new customers.
Wealth Dynamics’ award fetching customer relationship management solutions, WDX1 is a proprietary development to specifically address the unmet needs in wealth management.
The duo has mutually agreed to launch novel APIs to enable hassle-free operation.