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HealthEZ Acquired by Abry Partners, Looks Forward to Diversify its TPA Services

HealthEZ which has been functioning as a significant third part administrator for over two decades to offer self-sponsored medicare-related plans has just made the public announcement of its acquisition by Abry Partners, a well-renowned equity firms. The North American concern has purchased a majority stake in HealthEZ, thus diversifying its portfolio of healthcare related investments.
The mutual collaboration deal has emerged at a time when HealthEZ was seeking for active aid and support to offer an enhanced portfolio of services and solutions in the realm of healthcare. The deal will also allow aforementioned entities to further their commitment and achievement towards strategic collaborations, partnerships and acquisitions.
Achieving their objective to offer high end healthcare related services for over two decades now, to offer high end transparent solutions to relieve financial hardships, the company has been consistently making adequate future-ready medical care related offerings for employers, employees, physicians and other stakeholders, this carving a steady lead in self sponsored medical fraternity, dedicated to offer specialized services, especially or small and medium businesses.
The company is based at Minnesota and has as its achievements PPO networks a pioneering solution by all right.
Other significant offerings such as patient payment technology maneuvered across a flagship platform is yet again a unique offering by the company that had contributed towards its sustainable client base.
On the back of its unique offerings such as self-sponsored medical benefits, the company is a significant partner for various stakeholders such as brokers, employees, employers and healthcare providers amongst others who work across industries and businesses having unique set of healthcare needs.
In the words of founder and CEO, Nazie Eftekhari, the company is hopeful to strike a symbiotic equation with Abry such that both the companies would benefit from mutual assets and resources, besides exclusively helping HelathEZ to emerge as best in class third party operator all across America.