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Myriad Genetics Collaborates with OptraHealth to Launch Novel Chatbot, Gene

In a recent development, when healthcare industry is identified as one of the most versatile markets, ripe with several time-based alterations, Myriad Genetics is trending yet again on the back of its successful business venture with OptraHealth.
The former is best known for its molecular diagnostics portfolio. As per the recent development in business collaboration, Myriad Genetics and OptraHealth have joined forces together to deliver a highly competent chatbot, complete with high end cognitive capabilities, to render seamless information dissemination across potential patient pools in the context of genetic and financial assistance.
The recently launched chatbot is a highly competitive knowledge dissemination platform, commercialized under the brand, Gene which is designed in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) mandates as well as integrated with advanced AI capabilities.
Gene is designed to incorporate BOT interfaces besides a competitive platform that answer roughly over 500,000 questions pertaining to health care, more specifically cancer. The chatbot is also designed to directly co-ordinate with several million people who routinely take the online hereditary cancer quiz, specifically designed by Myriad.
Pressing needs to render the mandatory cancer education and pre-test education amongst patient pools have leveraged this significant development by Myriad Genetics. In the words of Myriad Genetics President, Nicole Lambert, this significant development is designed to offer pre-test solutions and education that are habitually supplemented by live sessions and online meetings to burst the myth surrounding hereditary cancer benefiting the patient gamut as a whole.
The company is also dedicated to streamline testing and screening procedures in the best interests of patient pools. Therefore, the company has recently come up with this novel online education tool to improve genetic education delivery. The new model is further vital to match the current pandemic situation wherein telehealth capabilities are growing leaps and bounds to compensate unavailability of physical medical assistance amidst pandemic and resultant social distancing norms.