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Novel Kellogg’s Launch of Breakfast Cereals, Nesplus Expected to Witness Favorable Sales Trends in APAC

In a recent development, Nestle has launched its latest range of products under the brand, Nesplus which essentially comprise a wide range of products encompassing mainly breakfast cereals to meet the needs of nutrition and health.
The recently launched product is a wholesome combination of grain-based ingredients such as multigrain and wholegrain, meeting the preferences of traditional dietary needs of middle-class consumers across emerging economies.
The recently doled out product is expected to especially cater to the needs and food preferences of various consumers across emerging nations, pacing up with their fast-track mornings and busy schedules.
The newly launched Kellogg’s special breakfast series under the brand, Nesplus will be made available across emerging economies, specifically focusing on countries such as India wherein growing population and surge in middle-class and working class, preferring quick breakfast are likely to aid as tangible growth opportunities, affecting the sales favorably in the regions.
The product comes equipped with over four varied types of multigrain with ample use of rice, wheat, oats and millet as main ingredients.
The ingredients are available as four different combinations such as nutty honey granola, strawberry-burst fillows, choco-burst fillows and kokos, all of which are absolutely designed in tandem with emerging consumer preferences.
The company is also trending for various innovations in CSR activities, resulting in its joint initiatives with other industry players such as Piccadilly Lights to further progress in the noble cause, World Upside Down launched in association with Royal National Institute of Blind People to address the various challenges faced by visually challenged populace.
As per the initiative, Europe based advertising giant Piccadilly ‘Lights is projecting up-side-down displays to represent the impact visually impaired consumer face with stringent physical distancing norms, that have affected the overall shopping experience in multiple ways.