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BrightSIgn and SCHOT Collaborate to Launch a Digital Signage Platform at Hong Kong’s MUSEA

Under the looming threat of COVID-19 outbreak and parallel spurt in stay-at-home protocols, governments across the world are encouraging unlocking practices with acute safety protocols in place. This has left businesses brainstorming for novel ideas and best industry practices to encourage safe operations, while maintaining customer satisfaction and a rewarding customer experience. Digital signage seems to be the only answer to these challenges under the new normal.
To strike a rewarding communication with customers, CEO of BrightSign emphasizes that digital signage is beyond being just a decorative piece, but ensures optimum brand communication with probable customers. Amidst much speculations about the risks associated with touchscreens that remain probable disease transmitters, BrightSIgn has recently come up with an innovative solution of BrightVoice which is a voice enabled solution for command displays to offset the challenges and eliminate risks of touch-based communication.
Additionally, the company has also recently affirmed the launch of Serfies 4 players to enable digital signage at Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA best known for unparalleled excellence in entertainment solutions, with specialized offerings in retail and art as well. The company entered into a collaborative agreement with SCHOT that have jointly installed numerous LED video walls at different points in the facility for an eye-catching experience.
Echoing BrightSign CEO, Cliff Wong of SCHOT added that digital signage by BrightSign plays a major role in demonstrating a bright, colorful, visual treat across the retail center, thus establishing a rewarding touchless communication with potential customers and visitors alike. Further, the company has also collaborated with Convergent Media Systems Corporation, best known for its digital signage offerings to further improve interactive digital signage offerings with an integrated phone based content control.
The solution, under the brand name , SafeStore screen control is a complete hardware software amalgamation that renders multiple services such s maintenance and support, deployment as well as real-time monitoring.