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BioNTech Receives Fresh Funding Aid on the Back Favorable Clinical Trial Results for COVID-19 Vaccine

As pharmaceutical industry remain engrossed in developing adequate vaccines for COVID-19 that has baffled the world at large, Germany based BioNTech has responded with favorable results as affirmed by reliable company sources who spoke on grounds of anonymity.
The development was preceded by a business collaboration deal between BioNTech and Pfizer who agreed to mutually work towards developing potential COVID-19 vaccine. The study has been facilitated in the US and subjects of the study included patients within the age-group 18-55 years.
Two distinct doses of the proposed vaccines has reportedly accelerated antibodies generation amongst patients, suggesting substantial breakthrough in vaccine development. European drug company, BioNTech has been touted to have used advanced mRNA technology for propagating a vaccine specifically for COVID-19.
Depending on favorable trial results, the duo is hopeful to further carry out the trial at a larger level across the US. At the backdrop of a significantly optimistic trial results, German company BioNTech has also affirmed fresh investments and funding from Temasek, a Singapore-based concern.
Besides the aforementioned investment, BioNTech is also reporting of further investor interests as the cause is a noble one and the likelihood of a favorable vaccine to control the pandemic is also a lucrative business opportunity that has stirred ample investor activity in terms of fresh fund allocation.
According to furthers statements from the company, results for COVID-19 trial is underway, and is expected to arrive towards the trailing week of this month. BioNTech is also a notable pharmaceutical player in cancer therapeutics.
With this fresh investment in BioNTech, Singapore’s Temasek’s asset ownership in healthcare vertical has significantly improved, on the back of previous investments such as Tychan, Aerogen, and Orchard Therapeutics. BioNTech and Pfizer entered into this partnership during May and April.