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SaaS Company Pipe Technologies Aided by Massive $60 Mn Funding, Restructures Workforce Hierarchy

One of the most challenging businesses that has been around for a while now is SaaS based business models. In recent times, cloud integrated subscription models are gaining tremendous rage and showing vivid signs of major disruptions as far as convenience and overall user experience are concerned.
Besides features and regular subscription developments, modern consumers rate overall experience as the kingpin, thus making SaaS based subscription financing a coveted area whereby a heterogenous customer base with uniquely diverse needs are attaining visibility. One of the leading companies doing considerably well in SaaS based business is Pipe Technologies.
The company is a pioneering entity, reevaluating and restructuring the gamut of SaaS based companies, inclusive of their funding and growth objectives, both long and short term. The company excels in rendering ready solutions to software companies by providing them with subscription financing platform that allow seamless, debt-free operations.
In a significant round of events development this year, Pipe Technologies has managed to rope in over $60 million in asset financing and equity to accelerate growth of its SaaS financing platform.
Pipe Technology’s unique subscription based finance program allows the SaaS industry as a whole to visibly transform the existing financial equation of the industry participants, in a bid to secure instantaneous liquidity on subscription contracts as opposed to pricy equity financing model.
Besides funding expeditions, the company has also reshuffled its workforce with the addition of Michal Cieplinski as the new CEO and legal officer. Post its launch as SaaS financing platform, the company since 2020 has been witnessing high end demands across both established and new SaaS based entrants.
With Pipe’s novel subscription based financing structure, SaaS companies are benefitted with a cost efficient means of capital arrangement.