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New Technology Based Platforms on the Rise to Enable Corporate Efficiency

Under the latest initiative, People+Work Connect which essentially is a highly dependable platform connecting two dissimilar group of companies such as the ones who are laying off employees and the ones who are actually falling short of requisite head-count for smooth functioning of their businesses. The new analytics based hiring platform has been designed and launched by Accenture in a bid to dim the grim inn the job market under COVID 19 pandemic.
With lockdown being the new normal at the backdrop of COVID-19 outbreak, employment opportunities are shrinking substantially, with several big companies pressing the lay-off button as their panic management strategy. On the flip side however, several industry veterans are coming together to brainstorm some new means to render respite for both the employees and employers.
The development urges industry leaders who are currently downsizing their workforce to quickly describe the core qualities of the laid off employees so that hiring companies can well judge them on such parameters before getting them on-board, with no additional hiring fees. Top companies across industry verticals who are participating in this massive employment platform include Cargill, Baxter, Pepsi, Marriot, Zenefits, Walmart, ServiceNow and the like.
The Accenture designed platform, People+Work Connect is a new means to ease HR hiring responsibilities, and reverse the raging unemployment patterns that certainly impact psyche of work personnel, plunging them into some sort of depression. The platform helps set up transparent, easily scalable, and faster HR network that eventually would rev up hiring without causing delays in absorbing the laid off employees in new job responsibilities elsewhere.
The platform is specifically designed as an employer-to-employer communication platform by collaborative efforts if Accenture and other leading industry specialists such as Verizon, Service Now and Lincoln Financial Group. The platform has been conceptualized and commercialized in a very short time frame of 14 days.