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Mercato Enables Seamless On-boarding of Conventional Grocery onto Online Retail Spectrum

As part of its recent development endeavor and aggressive investments in expansion sprees, leading online retailing platform, Mercato has successfully integrated analytics tools on its platform to bring several independently working brick and mortar-based retailers and sellers onboard, exposing them to the vast e-commerce gamut.
Mercato is envisioned to introduce novel analytics features, tools and novel capabilities to its already existing platform, thus aiming to leverage high value sales and consistent revenue pools to challenge the versatile and established market of existing online providers who have in several ways constricted the performance of conventional players operating on physical realm.
This development is likely to considerably revive the fading businesses and performance of physical shops, kiosks and retail outlets.
Over the years, Mercato has been consistently working with various merchants and retailers of the brick and mortar set-up to eventually grasp their work structure benefits to mold it efficiently in compliance with evolving needs of modern day consumers.
Following these marketing practices edging towards sophisticated technologies have bolstered high end online sales through the supplychain architecture. This systematic expansion in the online vertical for merchants and grocers are believed to survive the testing times of dwindling economies.
With this inclusive integration of online capabilities in the physical outlets are expected to allow merchants gauge through enormous data volume pertaining to customer behavior and market data, thereby allowing merchants to precisely fill the gaps in delivery chain.
These newly integrated capabilities further allow merchants to adequately optimize customer cart and other digital channels besides also enhancing inventory management capabilities.
With these novel developments in place, customers can have an easy access to rewarding web shopping experience besides also experiencing an immersive shopping experience both on the go as well as at home services. The development is also likely to amplify sales in the COVID-19 era as well as astounding number of customers tilting towards online channel.