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Beverage Veteran Coca Cola Makes Multiple Investments in African Continent to Combat COVID-19 Outbreak

The expanse of nutraceutical products specifically catering to the rising needs of COVID-19 pandemic which is estimated to be controlled with an improved immunity has paved diverse opportunities for the nutraceutical industry.
R&D veterans are fast evaluating and assessing various growth propelling factors that have significantly improved nutraceutical capabilities which is further enticing a millennial populace who demonstrate high enthusiasm for healthy food consumption patterns, in turn boosting the supplement vertical considerably.
Fueling the same, several consumer products based companies are making aggressive investments towards developing fortified nutraceutical products. As per recent ongoing developments in consumer product players investing in COVID-19 cause, the Coca-Cola company has recently made substantial investments, worth US $13 million to extend its support for African continent in its endeavor to combat COVID-19 spread and subsequent reparations.
Additionally, latest developments also include the company’s funding investment worth $4 million towards some NGOs at both local and international levels to lend a helping hand in distribution of PPE kits as well as other vital tools and equipment to directly help frontline players fighting COVID-19 outbreak.
The company is also investing towards developing novel ICU integrated socialized ambulances for patient mobility. Further, the company is also making big investments towards novel sensitization and awareness generation programs with the company’s investments towards National Solidarity Funds to create awareness about COVID-19 prevention and therapeutics across Djibouti, Morocco and South Africa.
Further, the company is hopeful of also reviving businesses across verticals such as hospitality, retail and SMBs to aid various NGO activities for people development in the continent. Additionally, echoing with WHO dictate for frequent sanitization, Coca Cola is also investing towards development of alcohol based sanitizer in bulk to meet rising demands in the region.