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Germany Shows Least Signs of Come-Back with COVID-19 Impact Restraining Industrialization

Perhaps industrial and matured economies are far from contemplating the irreversible loss incurred by COVID-19 pandemic as it struck a halt of all industries and businesses. Industrial output and industrial goods development and financial contribution are record low, approaching a massive dip as manufacturers have taken a retreat journey with stringent mandates of social distancing and lockdown enforced across the region.
Highly industrial countries such as Germany is exhibiting steep bumps irrespective of a stimulus package in place, forcing the industrial output to a record dip of 17.9% as affirmed by recent reports by Statistics Office.
Significant damage has been cast upon construction sector that has inked a low return of 4.1%, and slightly better outcome of the energy sector that stood at 7.2%. German Economy Ministry affirmed that as lockdown mandates and social distancing norms were enforced mid-March onwards, dismal performance of industries reflected in full strength throughout April and is still showing signs of poor performance.
However, automotive sector is likely to play the trump card for German industrial vertical to make a significant comeback. As protective protocols are nearing easing out and refurbishments of industrial activities are due, Germany is likely to heave a sigh of relief with marked advances in the automotive industry in the country. However, the road to recovery may not be as rosy as the automotive sector in the region is entangled in trade wars and low production making the total production number to suffer by 12% as well as an equally dismal export ratio, amounting to over 14% dip. Low demands may continue to halt the progress plunge in the coming months.
To say the least of the deplorable condition of auto industry in Germany, a big chunk of total employment in Germany is dependent on automotive industry alone, besides also supporting other verticals such as manufacturing sector.