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Europe Likely to Portray a Favorable Revenue Return Graph in Consumer Goods Vertical with Transitioning Consumer Preferences

Well if any industry can boast of steadily rising revenue streams even amidst stringent social distancing norms and continued lockdowns across the length and breadth of the globe, it has to be consumer electronics and durables. Several reports suggest the healthy revenue acceleration of the vertical, rising as high as 10% only in the first quarters of this financial year. With several countries globally experiencing the onset of summer and scorching heat during this time, purchase of electronic devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, fans and other appliances have witnessed an upsurge. Also, with social distancing in place, people have been forced to eliminate any external source of assistance which has also favored large scale adoption and ownership of gadgets and devices such as washing machines and other electronic kitchen appliances to see through tough times. Factors as such have led to remunerative returns in consumer goods businesses, also promising of similar trends in the coming months.
Further, with enforced home staying, consumption of essential food products such as fruits and vegetables across regions specially in Europe have witnessed healthy spurt, thus pushing the consumer goods vertical towards unparalleled heights. Factors such as environmental sustainability, consumer preferences for healthy food consumption, food safety and transparency practices as well as recyclable packaging options continue to visibly change the growth tangent for the better in consumer goods segment across Europe.
The European Union has recently made an announcement for the inclusion of new legislative policies governing plastic packaging to further enhance scope for sustainable packaging in the near future. As part of this development, all member states are therefore mandated to collect over 90% of all plastic waste derived from consumer goods packaging so that by 2030 EU would be compliant in providing plastic packaging from recycled materials.