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Ultimate Products Contribute Financial Support to Local Charities

Ultimate Products is a Chadderton-based owner who serves as a designer, developer, and a manager of giant consumer goods brands. Ultimate Products are pulling hard since the covid-19 pandemic to support local charities and initiatives in the Oldham area.

The company realizes and understands the responsibility over building the community and proceedings as a significant source for the society. They are willing to provide a strong support practically and financially wherever it is necessary and that can make things better like normal.

Ultimate Products has been closely monitoring the local charity called Action Together which is also coordinating and supporting people amid COVID-19 in Oldham. In the past two week, Action Together has delivered household and food products to over 2,000 people. It has also supported other major Oldham-based charities to shop self-isolating and has arranged volunteers.Action Together is efficiently focused on the donations and grants that it receives to issue micro-grants to other local charities and community groups.

Ultimate Product is currently rolling over £10,000 to support the work of Action Together and leveraging other local businesses to support the people of Oldham at their best. Moreover, the company has also donated large quantities of cleaning detergent and personal hygiene products to the charity.

Andrew Gossage, Managing Director of Ultimate Product believes that they are committed to their goals that they have the capacity to provide maximum support to local charities so that the other charities can reach common people and provide them with strong support in such difficult times. Moreover, they are considered as a proud member of this community and responsible to contribute financial support and household goods to amazing organizations such as Action Together.