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Industrial Goods, Finance and Services Highlighted in Red by COVID-19 Pandemic

With the widespread of COVID-19 industrial goods are now vastly affected with the stock sectors. The data segregated by the popular analysts team displays some of the average performance figures of the stocks of the sectors. The figure displays last one week, a month, or three months by -16%, -31.6% and -28.1%.


The stock market showcases the figures of the performance from the major sectors which are highlighted in red. In the last week, industrial goods fell to -19.6%. Moreover, the data measures as a worst-performing with the figures in the history. This fall was beyond expectations.



There are three major sectors which are struggling to cope from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the last month, the performance of the stocks for finance and services and industrial goods measures -32.1%, -26.8%, and -34.6% respectively. Now industrial goods were also highly affected at -32.0% along with finance with -29.9% and service with -22.6% with the three months records.


The stocks of different sectors remain constant to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is still an opportunity to market the capitalization of the sectors to cover up the figures in the coming days. At this moment, the financial sector holds the largest market caps of $7,311.75 billion. It has a wide range of sub-sectors including investment companies, insurance companies, and banks.


The service sector is capitalized for $6, 166.57 billion. Moreover, the industrial goods sector has a cap of $1,904.60 billion. This stocks has the companies that produce capital goods used in manufacturing and construction.