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Gandhia to Launch Banking App called Snoop

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the situation of the countries and world have crazily gone worse. At present, we all are seeking for help and a normal life to start. With the finance, due to the fall of the economy every business is getting worse which was never ever imagined by the experts and analysts.


In 2008, Jayne-Anne Gandhia was going through a crucial time of banking crash. She was sailing in the boat to survive with the Virgin Money, having discontinued with Royal Bank of Scotland quite a few months ago before it accepted a £45bn government bailout to avoid collapse.


Exact twelve years later, in 2020, Gandhia initiated a plan witnessing a different crisis. Millions of small scale businesses are pulling out to repay the debts to the banks and wage subsidies to the government to stay afloat with the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Gandhia is preparing to do beyond; a launch of a new business.


Gandhia states that they have been improving and changing the entrepreneurial environment. This needs to be sensed and give attempt to the dreams. She further adds that the intention behind developing Snoop is to help people by the measurements of data. Snoop is completely intended to help people more efficiently. Snoop is already getting responses about the queries on how to spend and save money through data analytics.


The revenue generation structure of Snoop is designed completely differently, it will be generated from commission. When users go with the option of money-saving on any of the products it will run on cash “tips” from users. But Gandhia is looking forward to insisting to customers to not take much of a recommendation unless it is about your interest level and has best quality.