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BPCL Introduces Cheaper, Faster Technology to Assay Crude

Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (BPCL), one of the largest oil marketer has introduced a new technology to test the crude oil quality along with the time and cost which it takes now by the use of lengthier lab tests.

However, the technology has various patents such as those from the EU and the United States, is a crude prediction tool, called ‘BPLMark’ that can determine number of different properties from the crude.

Additionally, the company is also in discussions with prominent global players in the crude assaying organizations such as Aspen, the latest in the sector, Emerson, and Honeywell, R Ramachandran, Refineries Director, at BPCL told.

“The conventional method of crude assaying takes around 30 to 45 days for the entire testing as well as the cost around 25 lacs. However, we have not planned about pricing part yet”, he said PTI.

He also believes that the company is planning to adopt this technology as an advanced control products for optimization of products and the company is also going to apply patent for this also.

On discussion with American bodies, he told, “we have created presentations to Honeywell, Emerson, and Aspen but no any deal had been fixed yet”.

Furthermore, the company developing this technology since Fiscal year 16 and entered commercial production phase two years before.

Since then, the company has made a depth presentation to the API ( American Petroleum Institute) that is the international body which codifies the various testing standards for the oil industry.

Thus, the institute was keen to explore this technology as an alternative standard, offered BPCL shared the detailed description, but it refused, a source at the BPCL told. A industry-friendly and salient adoption of this technology is that it may aid upgrade the crude arrays of oil.