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Dell now let’s you mirror phone’s screen to the PC

Advancement in technology with application active, the user can mirror the mobile phone’s screen in the corner of the computer. It has become possible with the technology to write a text message and sent it with the help of keyboard of computer and all thanks to the typing integration. This new technology also enables the transfer of files between mobile phone and computer with just a click and drag key. Likewise if you are using iPhone and a modern Dell computer then also you can project your iPhone’s screen to your computer. This way user can control the functions using Dell’s Mobile Connect app. This new features were announced by the company at CES 2020 for Dell Mobile Connect for iOS. This new features have come to bring the better user experience with the help of application near to the Android version. However, according to the company some exciting features are removed from the update. Hence the iPhone users will be allowed to send transfer only videos and photos through the application. However, the version on the competitor system also enables to send the music and documents. Therefore, iOS app’s version 3 allows user to monitor and control your mobile phone with the help of mouse and keyboard of your PC. Hence you will be able to drop and drag video files, photos and documents between two devices. Furthermore, user can also now send text message or SMS without needing to have the iPhone app open in the foreground. But since 2018 on Dell Mobile Connect, Mobile phones with the Google operating system have already had advanced connection functions. The Android app also received support with the new update for sending MMS files through the PC. Therefore, the service already has support, Android as well as iOS system. So that, both iOS and Android systems can search for contacts and receive notifications and allows phone calls, which can be answered directly on the computer. Therefore the announcement of news by Dell is part of version 3.0 of Mobile Connect. This feature is available free on iOS and Android for users of Dell notebooks and computers. Further, user can download the program’s PC counterpart from the Windows Store. Earlier this year these advanced features were first announced at CES. This features enhance the app’s iPhone functionality than what it already offers on Android. However, the two platforms haven’t quite reached similarity. In particular, regardless of who manufactured the specific hardware it’s running on, Microsoft’s user Phone app works on Windows 10. Last year Microsoft updated its Android application. So that the user could send calls from mobile phone to the computer as well as it had similar functionality like Dell of mirroring the screen. However, Microsoft’s current iOS app doesn’t support screen projection and it more limited that Android version. User will need Dell pc from 2018 or later in order to use new application of Dell. Hence your iPhone needs to be running iOS 11 or above. And the Dell laptop range should include its G Series, Alienware, Vostro, Inspiron and XPS.