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Consumer Goods Market, yet Uncertain as the Sales were Subdued

Consumer gadgets market for necessities, groceries, family and household products and merchandise, smartphones and electronics are seeing in further moderation in increase, belying expectancies of a revival inside this quarter which ended at March.

Current study by the company Kantar Worldpanel states that the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market grew by only 1% in the month of January, after experiencing a sharp fall from 2.4% the same month, a year in the past in line with a, an international consumer research corporation which is owned through the usage of communications and advertising massive WPP. Also, not like preceding quarters wherein slowdown was majorly because of rural markets, latest facts found out that urban growth, at 0.2%, brought down the complete segment while hinterland consumption remained that same at 1.8%.

Smartphone income trackers have revised downward their sales estimates for the employers, even as purchaser electronics companies for the first time said profits ought to take successful in each in the quarter similarly to hit in the next quarter April-June due to the coronavirus outbreak. The virus can also have adverse effects on the sales and income of FMCG, although it is certainly too early to expect as the conditions of the virus cannot be predicted with respect to time, say corporations.
Vivek Gambhir, managing director, Godrej Consumer Products states that we will have no other option but to wait and see how the business evolves amid the corona virus outbreak. Things prese4ntly as they appear to be are too dynamic and unsure at this degree to come up with any further strategies or trends which may be followed. The major decisions of business are totally dependent upon how long this virus lasts for all over the globe. Though they will take effective measures to supply the essentials to the public without any problems and at cheap and affordable prices.

Nielsens states the latest number acquired from the companies which claim that the sales for products in several categories such as toothpastes, biscuits,  soaps, shampoos, body lotions, hair conditioners and other skin care products is been halved in the month of January and February amid the corona outbreak as compared to aq year ago when the situations were different from now. Although with these market conditions, the sales for the foo items, eatables and essentials is increased because of people panic buying in the fear of lockdown which has kept the market steady within the weak.

Mayank Shah, category head at Parle Products says that the growth will pace up and improve however will not reach the levels of growth that we had a year in the past. Also, they have historically witnessed  a low down which was certainly after such large rush to shop for buying the essentials and grocery items and we need to brace for such anomaly.


Electronics and contact makers say the problem is greater for the demand of these products now in evaluation to troubles at the components and other aspects, which the businesses confronted during the lockdown of China, at the same time as component availability was largest problem.