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Virtual Reality can help improve interior design

In a world of digitalization, where everything is becoming smart from our phones to thermostats. It should be no surprise that virtual reality and Augmented Reality are playing important role in the design industry. Designed have always imagined to innovate new or existing spaces. They created a structure with the help of analog and digital instruments. And presented their best design visualization to their customers. Thus the designers used to first tracks the home on the paper or drawing technology has advanced from paper, further onto a screen and at the end it creates three dimensional projection of the home. This process is adopted by the designers to the time. Virtual reality might find more of an unusual that a helpful tool for an average user. People think that virtual reality is best reserved for amusement park simulator rides, gaming, fun experience etc. But the practical application of virtual reality are unknown to the common people. It has several advantages from allowing jurors in a courtroom to virtually visit a crime scene, teaching teenagers how to drive cars safely, helping doctors practice difficult surgeries and many more. Likewise, however, VR technology is actually about helping them communicate those ideas to clients and less about helping designers who are creating works in the interior design field Designers used to interpret 2D representation therefore non-design professionals have more problems understanding the structure and visualize it. Therefore, there has been such a creation of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality design apps in the market industry. The primer app for instance which launches of end of this month that is 31 March. Users will be able to use their phone’s camera to virtually install real-life paints, tiles and wallpapers from various brands to visualize what each product will look like under the room’s lighting conditions and existing furniture. According to one of the statements released of Hygge & West co-founder Aimee Lagos, he said that all the guesswork is removed with primer. Now, clients need not to visualize the pattern of their future home. The app designed will show the visualization of home. According to him, primer allows customers buy home with confidence but confident purchases make happy homes.