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Netflix to Reduce its Streaming Quality amid Corona Virus Outbreak

In Europe, millions of people are confined to their homes into self quarantine or work from home situations to reduce the spread of corona virus. Netflix has taken a decision to decrease the quality of streaming of Netflix content in the country which will lead to decrease the pressure on the internet which is caused by a lot of people using the internet for streaming or to work from home amid corona virus outbreak.

A spoke person reported in a statement that the streaming giant ‘Netflix’ will initiate reducing bit rates across all the streams in Europe. This will be in action for 30 days.

The spoke person mentioned that it is important to give good quality network to the viewers, hence taking such actions will  reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by around 25 percent as per the estimate by the company, but also it will ensure good streaming quality for the members in Europe.

People all over the globe are turning towards using Netflix and other digital content platforms to save themselves from the boredom of staying at one place for too long as there is shut down of  schools, malls, shops, entertainment hubs, movie theatres and borders closed and gatherings banned  due to the lock downs and quarantines in Europe.

Thierry Breton, the EU commissioner for the internal market and digital economy warned that there is a high usage of internet at this time in Europe and the large files of the content provided by Netflix, Amazon,  HBO, Disney plus are decreasing the speed of the internet.

Thierry Breton mentioned in one of his tweets that the teleworking and the streaming platforms may help a lot to the people but the  infrastructures might be in strain on  Thursday, calling out these online platforms to reduce their quality of streaming from High definition to  standard definition.