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Apple’s new iPhone12 has been revealed

The consistently excellent Fast Company has confirmed that Apple is fitting a new 3D camera to at least one of this year’s iPhones. The problem is, it’s not the one we were all excited about. Back in July, Bloomberg revealed that the 2020 iPhone would feature a long-range 3D camera which appeared to make good on superb Sony tech originally expected in the 2018 iPhone XS which could 3D map the world around you up to a distance of five metres. It looked genuinely change-changing. But that isn’t what Fast Company discovered. Instead, it learned that Apple has partnered with Lumentum – the company which makes the iPhone’s front camera to bring a Time of Flight (ToF) module to the back of the iPhone. ToF works by bouncing a laser off surrounding objects and measuring their depth by the time it takes the laser to come back. It sounds impressive, but it isn’t new and has been used by rivals for several years now with mixed results. The most high profile proponent of ToF is Samsung who has used it on the Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra. But reviews have largely concluded that their cameras remain behind both the iPhone 11 range and Google’s (infuriating) Pixel 4 phones, which don’t use the tech. Where Apple may score a win is Fast Company’s insight that ToF is understood to have greater use in Apple’s Augmented Reality plans than photography, and the aforementioned iOS 14 leaks have hinted that the company will make a big play in this space later this year. Disappointment aside, there’s still a lot to look forward to with the iPhone 12 line-up.