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Upcoming Apple watch will measure the blood oxygen level

Apple’s new watch has some exciting features. According to 9to5mac, new watch could detect the blood oxygen level readings in near future. This feature information is recently learned to 9to5mac from a snippet of iOS 14 coding. Hence, it seems that Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor is so intelligent than we ever thought. Thus the Apple watch will not only read human’s pulse but also will be able to measure blood oxygen. According to iFixit, Apple’s heart rate monitor is referred as a plethysmograph and it looks and acts quite similar to a pulse oximeter. Furthermore, it states that Apple will be developing at least two new features focused on health, although it is not known whether these upgrades will be software or hardware-centric. New notification will pop in Apple watch in order to address a healthy blood-oxygen level. This notification will be an indication to alert the warning like other current heart rate monitoring system on the Galaxy S6 and other Samsung devices. On the basis of the amount of infrared light it absorbs, Apple Watch can determine how much oxygen is contained in your blood.

Currently, the Apple Watch only has electrocardiogram features and hasn’t activated this new feature of blood-oxygen reading capabilities. In particular, the introduction of new health features of apple watch is a challenge to other blood-oxygen level monitoring systems. According to the report, Apple is working on some shortcomings like resolving the inconsistencies with its ECG readings. System has some struggle with accuracy between 100 and 120 beats per minute.