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Google to resume business with Huawei

On 26th of February the US government, allowed, Huawei to provide and gain access to the google’ services, which consists of the mobile services and the play store. In a recent statement released by the vice president – Sameer Samat, google has recently appealed to the government of the US to resume the services. The application is likely to be approved by the Huwaei. The company will be able to resume and shall start the beginning of the shipping of the products, with the services with the products. This has led to the use of the software, which is developed by the companies, which is one of the major relief for the users. However, using and downloading the application of Google as one of the side-loading of the application, is likely to have a threat to the phone users, which is one of the reasons for the threat to the security, which is likely to have a threat to the security, which is one of the factor for the threat to security. However, there has been an increase in the demand for the security services, which is likely to have an effect on the growth of the google services market in China. In the last year of November, the company has accepted and granted a license to likely to export the mass services of the software to Huawei. This has led to the increased in the ship the notebooks with the latest software of the Windows. To bolster the growth of the application, the Huwaei is likely to use the process and services of the Huwaei Mobiles. In addition, there has been a need to bolster the growth of the market for the growth of the market. The App Gallery, is also one of the major factor which is likely to boost growth of the market in China.