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Sony patents a VR controller that is quite similar to Valve’s Index

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently published a patent in which they stated that the company is working on a new VR motion controller like a Valve Index.   The patent published on “Controller Device” highlights an input mechanism for a “home-use game machine”. This machine detects the movements of a hand of the user. In addition, the main features is comprise of various sensor units which can detect the fingers of the user. This features helps to detect the proximity or contact of a finger. Also it offers the outputs for finger detection signal which further indicates contact of the finger or the state of proximity.

The design of the new machine is quite similar to current VR controllers.  A user can have a firm grip on the device by simply fitting their hands in a strap and with fingers wrapped on the back of the device. The sensor unit is placed at the accurate place like the sensors on the Index controller as well as embedded in an Oculus Touch controller so that the fingers of the user would rest. Hence the controller can relay the information when the fingers are wrapped around the sensor. Also it reflects the user’s in game hands like a grabbing object or a fist. In case sensors are unable to find a finger then they will assume that it’s stretched outwards and it will reflect in app.

This feature has been available in PCVR setups from past few years but in the PlayStation Move motions there are no such features exists for the original PSVR.  It is observed that Sony is thinking to install this type of finger tracking into new motion controllers for its upcoming PSVR 2 headset and PS5 console, till the time of publication of the patent, Furthermore, Sony is employing some new and exciting features into its upcoming DualShock controller for PS5.  For applying when squeezing and upgraded feedback, it also comprises of trigger.