Indian In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market By Product Type (IVD Equipment and IVD Reagents); Technology Type; Application Type; End-users-Forecast up to 2025


Indian IVD Market – Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecast up to 2025

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[78 pages report] This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the Indian IVD market by product type (IVD Equipment and IVD Reagents); by technology type (Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunoassay, Clinical Microbiology, Coagulation, Hematology, Urinalysis, Blood Gas & Electrolytes, and Others); by Application type (Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular, Metabolism, Nephrology, and Others); by end-users (Hospitals, Laboratories, Point-Of-Care, Home Care, Research Institutes, and Others); by region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World)

Overview of the Indian IVD Market
Infoholic’s market research report predicts that the “Indian IVD Market” will grow at a CAGR of ~13.0% during the forecast period 2019–2025. The market is immensely driven by the increase in the number of chronic and lifestyle-related disorders, increasing cancer incidences, growing awareness on the importance of early diagnosis and prevention, and improving access to healthcare facilities and diagnostic set-ups.

Diagnostic tests are frequently performed in public or private laboratories equipped with suitable and expensive instrumentation along with skilled and trained personnel for analysis. The diagnostics market is experiencing quick progress due to advancements in oncology, molecular diagnostics, point-of-care, and novel sectors such as companion diagnostics in both developed and developing economies. The market is driven by an increase in the elderly population, intensification of chronic diseases, pandemic situations in case of infectious diseases, and the growing importance of medical diagnostics.

The majority of the revenue is generated from the leading players in the market with dominating sales from Danaher Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, bioMerieux, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Siemens, Sysmex Corp., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Ortho Clinical Diagnostic, QIAGEN N.V., and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

By Product Type:
• IVD Reagents
• IVD Equipment
IVD reagents holds the major share in the Indian IVD market followed by IVD equipments in 2018. Transasia Bio-Medicals is the leader of India’s IVD market with over 45,000 installation bases across India.

By Technology Type:
• Immunoassay
• Biochemistry
• Hematology
• Microbiology
• Blood Gas and Diagnostics
• Molecular Diagnostics
• Urinalysis
• Coagulation
Biochemistry holds a significant share in the Indian IVD market in 2018. It is to be noted that TB culture accounts for 15–20% of the overall molecular diagnostic nowadays. The increasing adoption of point-of-care testing is also driving the market locally in India.
By Application Type:
• Oncology
• Infectious Disease
• Diabetes
• Cardiology
• Nephrology
• Autoimmune Disease
• Others
The industry has reached new heights with significant technological advances and greater performance technologies. Advanced, state-of – the-art techniques are used to comprehend disease prognosis and thus strengthen the standard of sophistication of the industry respondents. .
By End Users:
• Hospitals
• Laboratories
• Home Care
• Academic and Research Institute
• Others
Hospitals hold major share in the Indian IVD market. Hospitals and reference laboratories are expecting the development of products that will provide reliable results at great speed to reduce wrong diagnosis and treatment time.

Indian IVD Market Research Competitive Analysis – There has been a paradigm shift arising in the implementation of technology and automation. The need for precise and rapid results has resulted in the implementation of high-end products for in-depth evaluation. The Indian government supports Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) and other innovative schemes to enhance Indian IVD advancement. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and domestic study have been encouraged by the government to support the industry. The number of players in the segment offering quality products and after-sales services has risen.

Key Vendors:
• Danaher Corporation
• Abbott Laboratories
• bioMerieux
• F. Hoffmann-La Roche
• Siemens
• Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.
Key Competitive Facts
• The future growth of the Indian In Vitro Diagnostic market will be driven by Tier-II and Tier-III cities and that is where the price of the products and testing consumables will matter the most.
• Hospitals and reference laboratories are expecting the development of products that will provide reliable results at great speed to reduce wrong diagnosis and treatment time.

Benefits – The report provides complete details about the sub-segments of the Indian IVD market. Through this report, the key stakeholders can know about the major trends, drivers, investments, vertical player’s initiatives, and government initiatives toward the disease management in the upcoming years along with details of the existing pure-play companies and new players entering the market. Moreover, the report provides details about the major challenges that are going to impact the market growth. Additionally, the report gives complete details about the key business opportunities to key stakeholders in order to expand their business and capture the revenue in specific verticals and to analyze before investing or expanding the business in this market.

Key Takeaways:
• Understanding the potential market opportunity with precise market size and forecast data.
• A detailed market analysis focusing on the growth of the Indian IVD industry.
• Factors influencing the growth of the Indian IVD market.
• In-depth competitive analysis of dominant and pure-play vendors.
• Prediction analysis of the Indian IVD market.
• Key insights related to major segments of the Indian IVD market.
• Latest market trend analysis impacting the buying behavior of the consumers.

Key Stakeholders

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Table of Contents

1 Industry Outlook 8
1.1 IVD Industry Structure and Overview 8
1.2 Major Market Factors and Growth Drivers 13
1.3 Total Addressable Market 15
1.4 Industry Trends 16
2 Report Outline 18
2.1 Report Scope 18
2.2 Report Summary 18
2.3 Research Methodology 19
2.4 Report Assumptions 21
3 Market Snapshot 22
3.1 Market Definition – Infoholic Research 22
3.2 Advantages of IVD 22
3.3 Importance of IVD 22
3.4 Segmented Addressable Market 22
3.5 Trends in the Indian In Vitro Diagnostics Market 23
3.6 Related Market 25
4 Market Outlook 26
4.1 Market Segmentation 26
4.2 PESTEL Analysis 27
4.3 Porter 5 (Five) Forces 28
5 Market Characteristics 29
5.1 DRO – Market Dynamics 29
5.1.1 Drivers 30 Economic growth, increasing population, urbanization, and rising healthcare expenditure per capita 30 Sedentary lifestyle, increasing prevalence of smoking and alcohol consumption resulting in incidence of lifestyle-related chronic disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases 30 Growing penetration of IVD testing in tier-II and III cities 31 Growing market of biomarker-based and genetic testing in India 31
5.1.2 Opportunities 31 Point-of-care testing, near patient testing, and home-based testing products and services (direct-to-patient testing services) 31 Adoption of fully automated systems in India and increasing number of phase-III clinical trials in India 31
5.1.3 Restraints 31 High costs of testing cancer, genetic disorders, and other disease 31 Tightening regulatory requirements but lack of reimbursement policies 32
5.1.4 DRO – Impact Analysis 34
5.1.5 Key Stakeholders 35
6 IVD Market Segments: Reagents and Equipment 36
7 Technology Types: Market Size and Analysis 37
7.1 Overview 37
7.2 Immunoassay 38
7.3 Biochemistry 39
7.4 Hematology 41
7.5 Microbiology 42
7.6 Blood Gas & Electrolytes 43
7.7 Molecular Diagnostics 45
7.8 Urinalysis 47
7.9 Coagulation 47
8 Applications: Market Size and Analysis 49
8.1 Overview 49
8.2 Oncology 49
8.3 Infectious Disease 49
8.4 Diabetes 49
8.5 Cardiology 49
8.6 Nephrology 50
8.7 Autoimmune Disease 50
8.8 Others 50
9 End-users: Market Size and Analysis 51
9.1 Overview 51
9.2 Hospitals 51
9.3 Laboratories 51
9.4 Home Care 51
9.5 Academic and Research Institutes 51
9.6 Others 51
10 Competitive Landscape 52
10.1 Overview 52
11 Vendors Profile 53
11.1 Abbott Laboratories 53
11.2 Danaher Corporation 55
11.3 bioMerieux 58
11.4 F. Hoffmann La Roche 61
11.5 Siemens 64
11.6 Transasia Bio-Medical Ltd 67
12 Companies to Watch for 70
12.1 Sysmex Corporation 70
12.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific 71
12.3 Bio-Rad Laboratories 72
12.4 Ortho Clinical Diagnostic 73
12.5 QIAGEN N.V 74
12.6 Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd 75
Annexure 77
12.6.1 Abbreviations 77


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