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Android 11 gets new action by Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher of Google doesn’t come with various features like other alternative such as Action Launcher, Nova launcher and Lawnchair. But the features like clean design and simplicity of Pixel have caught the customer’s eyes and earned many fans. In Google pixel devices, pixel launcher comes pre-installed. But these devices gets new updates very rarely. Typically, new features to the launcher arises when google releases a new Pixel devices or while at the time of major updates of Android. But the Android 11 Developer preview doesn’t have new pixel launcher features with it. Google has been working on the Pixel launcher from the time the suggestions were marked at a new “hotseat” feature. Paphob, XDA Senior Member with Moddler, a veteran Pixel Launcher have found many new features that could be available in Google’s launcher app.

In order to surface some in-development features, Paphonb modified the features of the latest Pixel Launcher build from the Android 11 Developer Preview. These features in new Pixel include automatic naming of newly created folders, options to hide individual app suggestions in the app drawer and new actions in the recent apps overview.

In addition, Google is testing on the replacement of the app suggestion row in the new apps overview of the Android 11 with the help of set of 3 major actions. These three actions are “select”, “share” and “screenshot”. For paphonb, the “select” action button wasn’t functional but we can figure out what its functions are. In the overview card, this select button is likely to focus the images and texts that can be selected. And the functions of other two buttons, “screenshot” action button clicks an image or picture of the app which is not in focus. In case of “share” button, it captures a screenshot of the image and then opens the share option from the menu so that user can quickly share it to anyone and anywhere.